How long does will my treats last?

Chocolate products have a shelf life of up to 3 months, but are best consumed within 4 weeks to enjoy the chocolate at its best however our chocolate will be perfectly fine if stored correctly.


Chocolate slabs topped with biscuits are best consumed within 1 week of opening. Once opened these are best kept stored at room temperature in an air tight container.


Baked goods such as biscuits will remain fresh for up to 3 weeks, most items come individually wrapped and are best stored at room temperature in an air tight container.


All treats will be delivered freshly made/baked.


How should I store my treats?

Chocolate is best stored in a stable room temperature condition, we recommend that you store your purchase in an air tight container in a cool cupboard away from bright lights, strong odours and heat. Please do not store your chocolate/treats in a cold place such as a refrigerator as a rapid change in temperature may cause your chocolate to bloom, dis-colour or even alter the taste.


What is bloom?

Bloom is when chocolates appear dull or white, this is due to blooming which occurs when the cocoa butter used in the chocolate reacts with a change in temperature either hot or cold. This only affects the appearance of the chocolates not the taste.


All of our products are made in a kitchen where all common allergens are present including:

-cereals containing gluten, such as wheat, rye, barley, oats, spelt, kamut, and their hybridised strains

-peanuts (also called groundnuts)

-nuts, such as almonds, hazelnuts, walnuts, Brazil nuts, cashews, pecans, pistachios, macadamias and Queensland nuts




-sesame seeds


-milk and milk products (including lactose)

-soy beans




-sulphur dioxide and sulphites at levels above 10 mg/kg or 10 mg/litre expressed as SO2

We cannot guarantee any of our products are free from allergens due to the risk of contamination.

Unfortunately our products are not suitable for allergy sufferers.


Are your products gluten free/vegetarian/vegan?

Gluten Free

The base of our chocolate is gluten free, please contact us info@sugarsisters.co.uk to discuss which toppings are gluten free.

All of our products may contain traces of wheat.



The base of our chocolate is vegetarian, please contact us info@sugarsisters.co.uk to discuss which toppings are suitable for vegetarians.



Due to risk of cross contamination within our kitchen we cannot legally state that are products are vegan. However all vegan products are made without any animal products, including but not limited to colourings, flavourings, dairy, eggs, beeswax and gelatine.